Make it so…

December 2. 2022

Make it so. The Mad Pursuit of the TriA.

Mitch Daniels, President of Purdue University, coined the term “the mad pursuit of perfection” in his commencement address last year. Paul Gleiser of radio station KTBB in Tyler, used the term in his weekly You Tell Me, Texas newsletter. He referred to the way our government handled the pandemic crisis and the many things that continue to harm children. Saying:“As that tally progresses, another ‘mad pursuit of zero’ is underway. This time it’s the mad pursuit of another ‘emissions energy policy.’”

It takes a special kind of confused, self-centered, adolescent thinking to believe that humans can, and without previous experience, create excellence.

Most of us know there is nothing to prove any of it is real. They just have a group of experts who can, and in only their minds, think it into reality. No cause-and-effect proof, only conjecture made up of theory, and an idea that fits their goal. But they will not examine their argument, because they are making money and gaining power by misrepresentation.

It is a policy that eliminates the dependable things we do to keep cool or warm, move about quickly, and light our homes and factories. That means, to eliminate them based upon a plan of pure conjecture and consensus proof. Nothing real or measurable. With only the power of their minds, they have made it so. And they have a plan, based on conjecture. What they really expect to create is a compliant population without the power they are given in the Constitution.

Now the current administration thinks there is a way to shelter the earth from the sun’s rays.

And there it is, the Adult Arrested Adolescent (TriA) approach to things which they claim are not fair or equal. They demand that you and I must carry equality and fairness out to the last decimal place. They are, like a child whose peas cannot touch their carrots, and who manipulates their parents into fixing it. Otherwise, they will tantrum, and refuse to eat anything on their plate.

Of course, they have picked two things than cannot be measured. Fairness and Equality as they want it cannot exist. We, as a culture, would not entertain that idea if the progressive ideas of our schools were not creating it in TriA minds. These are policies fed them by school unions.

Gleiser’s message reminds us of the many countdowns that warned of thawed ice caps, then swollen shores, and then blistering droughts that never happened. That is, they never happened other than in the normal ebb and flow of weather.

That’s what the child-mind cannot tolerate. The ebb and flow of life. Every day must be lived according to their say-so. Every grand scheme will work, unless the kid they dislike imagines it, then the kid with glasses and a lisp broke it, ruined things. They can clearly see the glasses and hear the lisp by redefining what amounts to lisp and glassesjust make it so. You can’t, you aren’t their kind of special.

That is government policy making and policy today in mind of the Adult’s Arrested Adolescents who labor daily in policy centers funded by billionaires and big business, and that is conflict of interest. Their mission is to tell the world, they have made it so. Conjured in their minds, things far superior to those long-term practical experiences that have proven to work. The rest of the world, nods like a doting parent and thinks, the king has no clothes.

“Make it so.” Is a line from an old Star Trek re-run. It’s not a good government policy.

For more on the concept of the TriA. Check out my book, The TriA Book: Adult Arrested Adolescence on Amazon here.

Conservatism vs. Liberalism?

Being an individual is often more powerful than joining a crowd

True conservatism, seeks to conserve the good, the true, and the beautiful as an inheritance to the succeeding generations. Conservatism has allowed the West the prosper in the excellence of morality, law, liberty, art, literature, science, philosophy, theology, and politics.

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We are the government. We are here to help you.

Posted in part – April 15, 2020 Tags

A recent magazine article suggests we should forgive ourselves for what was said while we were “in the dark” about the Chinese Origin Viral Infectious Disease. Okay, go ahead. But there was no reason for anyone to be in the dark about the bug.

News reports told us crazy things. The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control warned us government was on the wrong track. The first thing that they said was it had a 90% mortality. Then Fauci said we didn’t need masks, and there was no need to get all shook up.

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Everything is Broken

The terms Build Back Better and The Great Reset, sound wonderful. But to question the inference, they also say, “everything you know, everything your parents taught you, that you found good, and you enjoyed in this society, is broken.”

By extension, that means you too. Does that sound logical to you? If we need a reset, or need to build back – doesn’t that say either “build from a different foundation” or “clear the screen and start over?” If you are part of the country, you need to forget all you know and start over, build back, reset, get with the program.

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There you go again. . .

Both Democratic candidates for the President and Vice President her spouting claims of hypocrisy while simultaneously playing hide-the-weenie with even those left-leaning media folk always for them. Mainstream media cannot get a straight answer out of them any more than Trump could in the debate.

The choice of candidates that will shoot straight with America began to weed themselves out. Trump is so many claims about him that even if he was caught with the secretary in a DNA-laden blue dress, you could not separate that out from the many claims that are transparently false. Meanwhile, Harris is hiding a lot of skeletons in her closet and Biden seems to be hiding in a closet taking a nap.

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Our Schools are not Smart – Part Three

One of the efforts to change modern schools that have shown some success are the charter schools. Some of them have been extraordinarily successful while others have closed for various and not consistent reasons.

Harvard Education magazine published an article in 2017 that describes the origin of charter schools as a locally controlled, small system that matches community needs to the education children received.

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Schools are Indoctrination, not Smart or Democratic

Schools are Not Smart – Part Two

The National Education Agency

The hobgoblin in this story is the National Education Agency.  Since the 1940’s the NEA has been the richest union in the country and has followed Wundtian policies to place political activists in something like 4000 politically active campaigns or in local congressional districts around the United States.

Like Wundt, they use their own sources to create “experts” who will legitimize their greatness and ability by holding workshops that give continuing education credit and even graduate school credits to those that attend. 

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Our Schools are not Smart – Part One

Modern Schools are not smart

As the probable cause report on Adult Arrested Adolescent gets closer to its end, schools must be the last and most sensitive area of concern.

It is because nice people and dupes have allowed the National Education Agency, which is not national, not education, and not as the word seems to imply, part of our government — to function as if it were.

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About the Police – Leadership

Part Three

We need our police because we know nothing about safety in America is going to change as a result of the recent social unrest. We are not foolish enough to think all this horror in American cities will have a positive outcome.

We have seen riots before, they do not really work well. Mr. Obama says these riots are not like those of the ’60s and ’70s. I was there in uniform then, and while what the protests are different, the lives that are being disadvantaged if not destroyed are exactly the same.

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About Adolescence Then and Now

Part One

In the last post, the discussion was about Hoffer and Adult Arrested Adolescence. If we are going to examine the theory of the Tri-A maybe describing adolescence would be good.

To review, the thesis is that certain adults keep adolescent characteristics well into adulthood, partially out of habit but also because as their brains develop, they get “stuck” in adolescence. My first question was, “If they fail to break out of an adolescent thought structure do their brains fully develop?” Observation seems to show they do not.

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