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Today is a good day, Tomorrow should be too. Things have a way of working themselves out, even in a world that is obviously struggling to sort out its problems.

I write. Not particularly well, but I usually get my point across. America as I grew up. was recovering from the great war. Even a young guy in elementary school could tell the country was on the upswing. My family was poor, my single mother was poor/ and all the farmers and chicken raisers in it were poor. My first playmates were from the hill in the poorest section of town were even poorer black children. I played with them until school started and the people there said I shouldn’t. Someone must have told them the same thing because they quit coming around. Eventually, a couple of other boys my age moved in. One of them is the other author on this website.

Fresh Summer Tomatoes

The tiny Texas town’s lifeblood where we lived was tomatoes. It was the “tomato capital of the world” some said. In the season it was a big business and a busy time. Packing tomatoes was done in the evenings and almost everyone in town met there to earn part-time income. It was odd to me that tomato packers could be black and white, but school kids couldn’t.

I spent a long career in law enforcement got a Master’s Degree. My wife became a therapist and dealt with some of the most damaged children of abuse you can imagine – even got a reputation for being extremely good at it.

We learned a lot about people, the good and the bad, and the line between the two. We learned to appreciate the state and country where we grew up. We know there is no other country so blessed, so well-governed and so well able to help other people. No other country can claim to be as successful at being good. We like it that way. What I can tell you is that everywhere we have lived when liberals brought in people from other countries, who have not grown up the Ameican way, their culture has suffered in those places.

So, this blog is about putting America first, and if you want to get right down to it, Texas always. That is just a little personal bias. It is from all those experiences I mentioned that we have learned that individualism is better than groupthink. Government folks are no smarter than I am and a whole lot seem dumber, especially when they get together to reach a consensus. Will Rogers said that the American people have no native criminal class other than congress. He said that close to a hundred years ago; and they’ve just gotten worse since. Since this consensus thing caught on a few years back it has just gotten worse. But the better way to go is just to get busy living your life and being happy with it. The questions I’d like to put to America is: How can we get our government into the same mindset. I lived in at time when government was not nearly so intrusive and the daily news was not full of people with an axe to grind or a point of view to force down the throats of their neighbors.

I will write here, to tell those who listen in America, that you need less government, more Bible reading, and a whole lot better schools than the congress of the last three or four decades has funded. For my grandchildren, I hope what I point out makes my children and yours continue to live in the United States as it should be, Constitutional, Religious, and Generous. WDE