Everything is Broken

The terms Build Back Better and The Great Reset, sound wonderful. But to question the inference, they also say, “everything you know, everything your parents taught you, that you found good, and you enjoyed in this society, is broken.”

By extension, that means you too. Does that sound logical to you? If we need a reset, or need to build back – doesn’t that say either “build from a different foundation” or “clear the screen and start over?” If you are part of the country, you need to forget all you know and start over, build back, reset, get with the program.

Your elected officials in government, along with their agency friends and appointees, think you are broken, dysfunctional, and thinking the wrong way. Most of those in the upper tier, think you were born unfit for anything past hourly wage work. Listen to them, they will tell you. How many times have they said, our schools must teach our children the skills they need to get a good job.

Not, to cure cancer, not to invent, help create new ways of developing individual talent, Individuality is the problem, you must be part of something. The manufacturers have control of things like new phones, new computers, and plans to introduce incrementally upgraded versions into the 22nd century. They don’t want you to learn so much you invent something we never heard of to replace both. Maybe a ring you wear that opens a neural pathway, to the internet that displays in your head, with a display you can change by thinking. That would bankrupt them. Gone like the buggy whip and galvanized milk can.

It is a delightful irony that the people in our government too, with its record of waste, lost millions, overreach, and foolish human pride, thinks they can just dream up programs to save us. “If you just sit still a minute, we will sort this out.” They seem to say.

Sitting still is the road to poverty, the solution to anything is movement, creation, excellence. Politicians are supposed to arrive at the Congress, with a list of ideas from the people in the areas they serve, their constituents. Instead, they cozy up with the long-term office holders who tell them how things are done in Washington. The notepad with their list of constituents wishes is used to level a desk with a missing foot-pad, something practical.

 We must stop treating these folks like movie stars. Those who have been there long enough to know “how things work” have overstayed their welcome. How things work is how the American voter, tells them to work. They are underperforming, self-indulgent public servants with a tendency toward opportunistic graft.

So much out of the ordinary has happened in the last few weeks that relate to TriA behavior, it seemed time to post a blog or two about them.

Too many Americans, taught in public schools, have the attitude, “What can I do about it?” But they do not vote saying, “My one vote does not count.” That’s faulty logic, and you learned it in school. How often were you offered a vote in public school, the ability to decide for yourself? Do remember learning to make decisions? Were you told to think for yourself, what deduction or reasoning were and how to use them? Probably not. It is seldom on the curriculum. Modern schooling is about discipline, passing state tests, and group promotion. All off it is an old, outdated system, forced on schools by big business-who want you and your children stamping parts and entering data eight hours a day.

This kind of logic is made for the adult arrested adolescent, or TriA, a person the union influenced public schools delivered on the easiest kind of education. Those who believe there is an ultimate authority on every issue, who do not think for themselves and believe mainstream media sources. There is a better way. See, The TriA Book on Amazon

Author: W. D. Edmiston

W.D. Edmiston is a culture warrior of sorts who is concerned more for the original intent of the founders of the USA and cares much less about the later culture changes that relate to the "feelings" crowd or judgemental debate over who is sleeping with whom. An originalist on the Constitution as well, he is an outspoken critique of Marxism and the modern court system, especially the Roberts Supreme Court. The blog is an America First style of thinking - from strength we can set the best example to other countries.

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