The TriA Book – The Adult Arrested Adolescent

You should read The TriA Book. It puts into context the many things culturally and politically that are effecting your child’s education, and the health and what makes your local community work well. Your local school is not optimized to get the best effect. Education is watered down to guarantee large corporations cheap employees. Excellence across the entire school is not the goal. The TriA book tells you what you can do.

The TriA is simply a person who never grew up – not the person who enjoys life by finding joy in everything, but the opposite. In the beginning, they feel ineffective, they have been poorly taught to cope, and excel. They take minimum wage jobs, planning to work their way up. In a while, those ideas do not vault them to a place of importance; it’s just work.

Schools do not teach them how to become individuals, to become expert, trained to think for themselves. They teach them to be manipulated, to be bossed around, not to dream big, but wait for instruction.

Eventually, becoming disillusioned, the TriA becomes a radical, and often a narcissistic personality type. They assume their ideas outweigh the wisdom, education and experience of others, while believing what others think of them amounts to disrespect. We see it every day in our neighborhoods, pulpits, media. Even out toilets have become politicized as TriA persons try to gain some personal worth by bringing about change. And in itself, change is seldom good. There are always greater expenses, confusion, and sometimes death due to changes.

The Adult Arrested Adolescent – TriA, is a child or adult who has a poorly developed sense of identity. They are the “true believers.” Eric Hoffer, America’s Longshoreman author created the true believer in his 1951 book titled, “The True Believer”. The TriA is its descendent. A title I offer to describe the person who buries themselves into a movement to the point it becomes part of their identity and their ability to think well. Most importantly, if you attended school in the last 50 years or so, you too may have been taught the decision making style of the TriA; feeling watched, judged and stereotyped. It leads to victimhood, street justice, violence and to suspension of normal behavior in support of the movement’s goals no matter how vaporous. Jail, criminal records, being removed from a job or school, even death while participating in an out of control protest is possible. It is not too late for you or your child.

W.D. Edmiston is an educator, a law enforcement executive of twenty-five years, and is dedicated to the safety of adolescent children.