TriA – The Adult Arrested Adolescent

Your first thought is probably, “Sounds dull.” Maybe the topic is, but the impact on your life of behavioral psychology is not. Give yourself a break, read this book and decide if some of your thoughts are holding you back. Ask yourself, how important is the truth? Some of us take the attitude that the whole world, or at least our corner, is corrupt and we can’t do anything about it. You can do something, and you can read about it here. No program to join, no fees, nothing but you and how you think.

The book, TriA, The Adult Arrested Adolescent is set to publish in a few more days.

The TriA is simply a person who never grew up – not the person who enjoys life by finding joy in everything, but the opposite. In the beginning, they feel ineffective, grab on to a new movement or belief set, and find comfort there. In a while, those ideas do not vault them to a place of importance; it’s all work. Eventually, becoming disillusioned, the TriA becomes a radical. And often a narcissistic personality type who assumes their ideas outweigh the wisdom, education and experience of others, while believing what others think of them amounts to disrespect. We see it every day in our neighborhood, pulpits, media, and mostly in politics.

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The Adult Arrested Adolescent – TriA is a child or adult who has a poorly developed sense of identity. They are the “true believers.” Eric Hoffer, America’s Longshoreman author created the true believer in his 1951 book titled, “The True Believer”. The TriA is its descendent. A title I offer to describe the person who buries themselves into a movement to the point it becomes part of their identity and their ability to think well. Most importantly, if you attended school in the last 50 years or so, you too may have been taught the decision making style of the TriA; feeling watched, judged and stereotyped. It leads to victimhood, street justice, violence and to suspension of normal behavior in support of the movement’s goals no matter how vaporous. Jail, criminal records, being removed from a job or school, even death while participating in an out of control protest is possible.

W.D. Edmiston, Author