Conservatism vs. Liberalism?

Being an individual is often more powerful that joining a crowd


Bryan Mahlke

True conservatism, in the broad sense (not merely political) seeks to conserve the good, the true, and the beautiful as an inheritance to the succeeding generations.   Conservatism has allowed the West to prosper in the excellence of morality, law, liberty, art, literature, science, philosophy, theology, and politics. 

We had the correct starting point to build American civilization: the self-revelation of the one true, eternal, and self-existent God. An eternal God who desires a relationship with each of us as individuals and encourages independence and a good work ethic.  No other culture has achieved as much prosperity.

 Today, we are seeing the fast unraveling of the foundations of our civilization.  This anti-conservative impulse began three or four generations ago but is advancing at a precipitous rate today.  It is now even denying fundamental realities of human nature openly, such as human gender.  The “leftist progressive” movement is actually regressive.  Its end is not a utopia, but disorder and chaos.  It would have us believe what is false rather than what is true.  It is seeking to deny and destroy the ages of conserving what is true, good, and beautiful, which has been the foundation of our civilization.  The very foundation that has allowed us to build to the greatest heights of excellence in every area of human flourishing.  They seek to tear it down and lay a “better, newer” foundation. 

That is a quite good definition of Marxist Communism since today’s tyrant has changed Marx’s original idea to one of destruction. Since his time, Soviet style, communism has destroyed entire countries like Tartar, Botswana, Mozambique, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela. It veils itself in foolish Marxist rhetoric, but eventually consumes and destroys.

But a foundation that denies truth, calls evil good and good evil, and displaces beauty with abomination, is not one that can attain even the heights we are now descending from.  No, it will return us to the times of tribalism and human misery, while preserving the wealth of the select. The masses will not have the benefit of a good inheritance and become confused, even about the fundamentals of human nature.  There will be no liberty, but instead tyranny.  Civilization is at stake, no less.

Well said, Bryan WDE

Today’s blog is written by Bryan Mahlke, an engineer, veteran, and patriot. It is one of his first “point of view” articles. To me, what Mahlke says here is a call, not just on individual American’s but it outlines what our next run of elected officials must say to their opponents, and how our churches must encourage their members to speak out. Let me define terms:

Liberalism: in modern society is mostly misunderstood. It is the tradition that advocates free speech, a free market without government rules and regulations, and civil liberties of economic, politics, freedom of movement and speech. It is the rule, by the people, through elected officials as servants to the republic, and the general idea of “leave me alone” when it comes to government power.

That definition would fit loosely with the view of the founders of 1787-1788 and paraphrased from something longer by Wikipedia. (Full disclosure, I am a Wikipedia donor) If you look at classic conservatism; you see an entirely different style and type of definition. It is, by Wikipedia’s warning in the header, full of problems, which suggest it is not up to their standards, and may need to be rewritten. Yes, it should. It’s apparently been re-written by leftists, who abhor standards, rule and traditions that people choose to guide their lives. Leftists have parsed, redefined, and mis-characterized conservatives through their prism. It is at best, pseudo-profound nonsense.

Liberals and conservatives are not that far apart. Liberals want to be left alone, and see the offering of guides, rules, and paradigms as restrictive. Religions, some not all, and governments, have throughout history been just as guilty of moving toward the fascism that is often called liberalism. You can’t blame the liberal for not liking it. Using religion to hide behind has been a tool of tyrants, and is still being used.

That is where the fascist yrant hides—behind the name of good and well-meaning reforms. Conservatives like rules in the sense of a collective contract. We agree, metaphorically, to drive on our side of the white line, leave our neighbor’s things alone, and live together peacefully. If you want to dress differently, embrace art instead of commerce–we can live together. The only problem with that—is people. People are prone to adolescent whining and jealousy. That’s where our public leaders and pastors need to understand that leftist progressivism is not about fairness and equality. That is just what they hide behind. Leftist progressivism is no less than Soviet style aggression that destroys everything it touches until it controls everything that is left. Our leaders need to understand, explain, and fight that aggression. It’s not just modern liberals wanting edgy art and colorful murals on our buildings.

And the pastors, politicians and oldest among us should understand that the evil we face is neither liberal nor conservative. It is neo-Marxism, with is less neo and more the oldest evil in literature and scripture. Mahlke’s view is from a real conservative, and you will find none of the ideas the leftist tries to blame on them.

We are the government. We are here to help you.

Author, W.D. Edmiston

Posted in part – April 15, 2020 Tags

Thank you, Ani Koleshei, Unsplash

A recent magazine article suggests we should forgive ourselves for what what said while we were “in the dark” about the Chinese Origin Viral Infections Disease. Okay, go ahead. But there was no reason for anyone to be in the dark about the bug. News reports told us crazy things the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control warned us government was on the wrong track. The first thing thwy said was it had a 98% mortality. Then Fauci said we didn’t need masks, and there was no need to get all shook up.

The government, those tax payer funded absent minded adult arrested adolescents decided it was the opportune time to have a crisis and they created one. I’m not at all sure it was not a plan in the works for a while before the first announcements. There will be more on that in a later post. But as a review, the article below, which I posted in April of 22 serves as a reminder of just how screwy it all got. I for one are not at all inclined to forgive tactical mistakes. Government was told, all of them, that their plan would be disastrous. Every last one of them should be voted out of office.


Government: “You are “ordered” to stay at home unless it is essential.

Citizens: But I can go out if it’s essential.

Government: But when you go out, stay back 6 feet.

Citizens: “So we are in lockdown?”

Government: “No, you can still go in and out of town, do your essential business, your essential travel and of course we essential people in government will be here to help you.”

Citizens: “Oh, so not much has changed.”

Government: “Yes, it’s a crisis, Trump messed up everything, stay home so you don’t spread the disease.

Citizens: “I’m not sick. I feel fine. If the Highway Patrol will let us go a few miles over the speed limit without busting all of us, what if I’m 5.5 feet away, do I get a ticket?”

Government: “Well no, our mathematical models tell us everyone will just follow the nice orders and do as they are told. We shouldn’t need to enforce anything, that’s not nice.”

Citizens: “How has that worked for you with “Gun-free zones” and “Safe Spaces” and “Drug-Free Zones?”

Government: “This is different? We used the right words and we offered you an enticement.”

Citizens:  “How so?”

Government: “It just is.”

Citizens: “That is an unacceptable response from government. You only function at the will of the people.”

Government: “Just stay home and respect the safety of your fellow man, uh… person… oh, human being. It’s the kind thing to do. It’s nice.”

Citizens: “Is there a curfew? Are you going to arrest me? Who says my travel is not essential?”

Government: “We can fine you or put you in jail. But we might do a curfew. But we will try to guilt you into compliance; everyone else is wearing a mask. We think you should.”

Citizens: “Who is we.”

Government: “The government. We are experts remember?”

Citizens: “Where in the law does it define what is essential, and how in the world with government’s recent record of failure, can you be experts?”

Government: “We are worried about that right now, this is a crisis.”

Citizens: “Aren’t you enforcing a few rules that the Constitution says you don’t have the right to meddle in at all.”

Government: “This is a crisis.”

Citizens: “You keep saying that. So, if certain people have written books about the government you don’t like, will that be a crisis?”

Government: “That’s different.”

Citizens: “You said that before too, but it isn’t. You forced some companies to volunteer to set up labs in their business spaces, took up the time of their people and equipment to make things for the crisis. People are being fired for wearing a masks made with stars and stripes. How is that okay?”

Government: “Some companies have volunteered to do that to help with the crisis. They are woke, are you woke? Flags are signs of oppression.”

Citizens: “But, you made companies close, and made them supply materials even if they didn’t volunteer. That is oppression. Then you stuck sick old people in nursing homes with other not-sick old people. They died.”

Government: “Probably, but don’t go getting a group of people together to discuss this, just go home and do as you are told. Getting together violates the shutdown rules. Violation is considered a mental health matter.”

Citizens: “But isn’t that the same an ordering me to keep soldiers in our homes like the King of England did to the colonists. Didn’t they tell the colonists they could not get together to ask for grievances – they had a Revolution about that didn’t they?”

Government: “You wouldn’t do that to us, we are the government, we are here to help you. We know best.”

Citizen: “Some of the state Governors have gone bat-crap-crazy thinking this gives them Martial Law abilities and then some. What says you won’t do the same thing. It is a violation of the Constitution and you are supposed to defend the Constitution, it was in your oath of office. It seems like some big corporations are getting rich off if this.”

Government: Well, that’s the States, that’s not us. Besides, I was looking for a few good campaign photo’s out of that whole oath thing and they didn’t turn out well. I can’t speak for the others. The Constitution is such an old document, do you really think it is applicable today?

Citizens: “But it is the law of the land. You cannot ignore it because it is inconvenient. What you are doing it is a direct violation of how the country was founded. It is a First Amendment issue. You can’t order the public to do something you don’t have the power to order or enforce.”

Government: “But we are helping you, you are getting a check? Look at the nice distraction, please. I do this with my car keys and the grandbaby. Look at the nice checky-poo.”

Citizens: “Very subtle, but the DOJ is already asking for more Constitutional restrictions to be lifted to detain people for as long as necessary under the crisis without a hearing. It’s a violation of the Constitution’s guarantee of a speedy trial.”

Government: “Well that’s just one idea. Did you see the check we sent you?”

Citizens: “Haven’t some of the specialists in emergency management said a general shutdown is not a cure? One guy said the masks didn’t work. The next week he said we should wear them. Then another group said the masks could make it worse. You don’t sound like experts. ”

Government: “That’s different. This won’t last a long time.”

Citizen: “You are arguing over medicines that may help. How is that helping? Why are the prices of medicines going up, and why do only the expensive ones work?”

Government: “Well you don’t know as much as we do.  We are helping you be safe. Got to close some businesses to keep people safe.  Gotta stay apart, gotta have testing and tested medicines. Some businesses stay open, so we can… well nevermind.”

Citizens: “But you are setting precedent, all law is based in precedent. Besides, the more people go back to work, the better off the country will be when this all passes. There are processes to allow low risk and no risk people go back to work.”

Government: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

Citizens: “That’s an entirely Marxist attitude toward the population. You seem hell bent on making businesses, especially small business suffer.”

Government: “You keep saying that kind of thing. Is there something wrong with you. We are the government, we are here to help you, we don’t do things wrong. Perhaps we should have the doctor take a look at you. You seem a little high strung, maybe you are coming down with something. Don’t worry, we are from the government, we follow the science, and we are here to help you. This all works out, the Chinese did the same thing. They are on the road to recovery.”

Citizens: “The Chinese lie to their people about their statistics, they have no respect for them or their lives. I should feel so much better because we are following the success of a totalitarian dictatorship?”

Government: “See, I told you the government was here to help you.”