There you go again. . .

Both Democrat candidates for the President and Vice President are spouting claims of hypocrisy while simultaneously playing hide-the-weenie with even those left-leaning media folk who always support them. The main-stream media cannot get a straight answer out of them any more than Trump could in the debate. The choice of candidates that will shoot straight with America is beginning to weed themselves out. Trump has so many claims about him that even if he was caught with a secretary in a DNA laden blue dress, you could not separate that out from the many claims that are transparently false. Meanwhile, Harris is hiding a lot of skeletons in her closet and Biden seems to be hiding in a closet taking a nape.

A recent Wall Street Journal commentary article by Johnathan James (below) asked,

Is this the Democrats’ presidential version of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous 2010 plea that lawmakers needed to first pass a behemoth health care reform bill so the country could find out what was in it?

Read the article here: “Harris Takes After Biden, Dodges Question on Packing Court”

Photo – Joao Tzanna