Robert M. Starr

We are honored to have Robert Starr join us as an associate writer. His books are award winning and although they date to 2013, they still are relevant and young people love reading them. I gave my teen aged nieces each one for Christmas last year and they loved them. Robert is my oldest friend. WDE

Robert Starr on the river with his dog — Colville National park in Washington State.

WD and Starr have known each other since they moved to the little Texas town where we both grew up. We built model cars together drove crazy on backroads in MGA’s and other souped up cars.

Woody was my crew chief when I was not racing in England. He was there when I won my first race as a professional through the streets of Austin, Texas in the River City Road Races as part of the annual Aqua Festival.
WD Went to California for several years and  first worked for a Datsun (Nissan) professional team as Crew Chief and they operated his shop Barwood Development building 
and modifying other cars.

WD later moved to California to be Crew Chief of a professional Datsun race team for Frank Leary, then operated Barwood Development in Santa Clara for several years.

During the early years WD became a police officer and later police chief. It took him almost 30 years to get over the itch and all the while he raced cars too. Robert went to the USAF to become a Intelligence Officer.

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