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This site and the idea of OGSB is something I came upon during the process of creating a simple blog for my next book. Instead, of a single blog site, I decided to create a site with Associate Authors, Guest Authors and a blog for the OSGB project. You should benefit from not only the writing of different genres but from those connections we make with guest writers and photographers we offer here. Thanks for the add – we will not bother you daily with things to say. We will tell you about great writers, art, and good books. On my blog I will try to tell you what I know about having lived in a precarious occupation, a couple of risky businesses, and managing sales and marketing in a publicly traded company. WDE

<My first book, released in 2007 was written after the death of my son who got lost in the alternate reality of online sites and took a final action that ended his life in his real world. That book predicted all of the problems and more that had been recognized about online activity like addiction to the internet, shaming, bullying and others. Those were finally being “discovered” by American media by 2016 and decried as national problems.

These are the first two published works of W.D. Edmiston, MSCJ

The second book Looking Backward, Forward is a book written after further contemplation and research. Advanced training in behavioral analysis, aberrant behavior, social work and two undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Social Work (Sociology) form the basis of my interpretation of the dangers of online use in America. An idea about the Pervasively Vegetative Adolescent I introduced in the first book developed into the Adult Arrested Adolescent or TriA concept. The case was investigated like a complex circumsantial examination of evidence. Any way you write it up, the TriA looks like adolescence or juvenile delinquency – even if they did make us quit using that term. Our adult progressive society behaves in their thinking, actions and angry depression like adolescents. The intent is to make the case that the TriA suffers from a behavioral disorder much like OCD. You see it all the time on Facebook in memes like “I am not adulting today” and college aged children needing safe places or therapy because they are just throwing a tantrum..